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RichardStallman et HartmutPilch le 15 Avril 2009 à Munich

The danger of software patents is not limited to free software. Developers of proprietary software (and its users) can also be sued for patent infringement.

« Si un dieu était si puissant qu'il ait créé le monde, mais qu'ensuite il ne fasse rien pour y corriger les problèmes, à quoi bon l'adorer ? Ne serait-il pas plus juste de le juger ? »
Usual (obvious) speech about software patents is carried by intellectual property experts who have interests there

"Most of the time when people describe how the patent system works they are people with a vested interest in the system. And so they describe the patent system from the point of view of somebody who wants to get a patent and then point it at programmers and say, "hand me your money". This is natural, you know, when they sell lottery tickets they talk about people who win, not people who lose. Of course most of the people lose, but they don't want you to think about them and so they talk about the ones who win. It's the same with patents."

Richard Matthew Stallman - Danger of Software Patents, conference talk at Government Model Engineering College, Thrikkakara (India) on 2001 July 21st,

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