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Broken Governance EPO

European Patent Office

"The EPO mass-produces broad and trivial patents on unpatentable subject matters in order to finance itself, without much regard to competitiveness of European industries. The existing unitary system has already gone out of control, and the post-grant unitary system under discussion now would make the system even more self-referential and unreformable East-Asians are already among the big customers of the EPO and as their share increases the protectionist effect of the system decreases." ( citation de Hartmut Pilch placée au sommet de cette page )

Le 14 decembre 2017 le journal Le Point (dans son numero 2363) a publié un article de 4 pages sur l'OEB : The role of patents in an AI-driven world (Highlights Day 1) Which parts of an artificial intelligence should you patent?$File/quality_report_2017_en.pdf Les 102 amicus g3-08 Governance of the European Patent System by Ingrid Schneider (23 pages remarquables) Broken Governance of the European Patent Organisation (très important) (très important) How the European patent system works par Karsten Gerloff Broken Governance of the European Patent Organisation (les derniers rapports annuels)$File/g3-08_amicus_curiae_brief_Polish_Patent_Office_en.pdf$File/g3-08_amicus_curiae_brief_Butler_MJ_en.pdf$File/EPO_scenarios_bookmarked.pdf$File/G3_08_en.pdf;jsessionid=ADE9961D6F5438DCBACC0134AD4E9739.RegisterPlus_prod_1?number=EP00402311&tab=main
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